East Bay Getting to Zero


The East Bay Getting to Zero Youth Catalyst Team (EBGTZ YCT) is a youth led and operated program which honors youth as the experts of their lived experiences as well as key agents in the process toward creating sustainable changes in healthcare services for all youth and young adults. Our mission is to empower and educate youth to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health. We envision a Bay Area where all youth have access to equitable healthcare services and education.

 The EBGTZ YCT works closely with East Bay youth, healthcare providers, and other professionals and organizations in the community who are dedicated to advancing the health equity of youth. Through our core approaches of authentic youth collaboration and peer leadership, we educate youth regarding sexual health policy and practice on both local and national levels to equip them with the tools necessary to advocate for themselves as well as their peers. Our team of Youth Catalysts are responsible for revising current educational materials as well as creating new information designed to increase young people’s knowledge and understanding of sexual health. These Youth Catalysts are respected as subject matter experts and compensated for their time and indelible contributions.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to equip youth with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about their sexual health through advocacy, education, and peer leadership.

We envision a community where all youth have access to equitable healthcare services and education without high barriers, stigma, or discrimination.


The goals of the EBGTZ YCT are to:

◦ Foster positive relationships between youth and service providers

◦ Empower youth to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health

◦ Equip youth with the tools necessary for local and national political advocacy 

◦ Take a leadership role when planning and developing policies for teen programs.

◦ Link teenagers and their families to health services.

◦ Promote new knowledge and competence in adolescent health.

◦ Monitor efforts to make health services low barrier and of high quality.

◦ Create pathways to healthcare careers for youth

◦ Support research that advances adolescent health.

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East Bay HIV Strategic Plan

Updates on the East Bay HIV strategic plan are posted on this webpage. This is a community-driven “living” East Bay HIV strategic plan that is flexible and responsive to local needs, addresses structural inequities, and is used to make systemic change to achieve our vision of an East Bay with zero HIV stigma, zero health disparities, and zero new HIV transmissions.

EBGTZ receives award from Alameda County Board of Supervisors

On December 17, 2019, we were honored to receive an award from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors congratulating and commending “East Bay Getting to Zero for launching an important community-driven initiative and working toward a vision of zero new HIV transmissions in the East Bay through the promotion of equitable access to HIV testing, … Continued

Over 150 people join us for our first World AIDS Day & Youth event

On December 10, 2019, we held our first EBGTZ World AIDS Day event, focused on empowering youth to get to zero. 151 people joined us to listen to an amazing array of speakers and panelists, and learn about the intersection of HIV, human rights and youth access to care. Around half of the participants were … Continued