East Bay Getting to Zero


The intentions of the Poz+ group are to build community among people living with HIV in the East Bay, to get to know one another and learn more about each other, to share best strategies for living well with HIV, to discuss the current information around HIV and COVID, and discuss how to disseminate the information and implement strategic priorities.


In 2021, the Poz+ group grew in its membership and involvement in the steering committee, community messaging, linkage meetings and community events. Special accommodations are set in place for confidentiality and comfortability, meeting each person where they are in their disclosure comfort.

In 2022, the Poz+ group laid the foundation to establish an AIDS memorial space in the East Bay. The group identified a need for space that honors the East Bay HIV affected community, memorializes people lost to HIV/AIDS and inspires an environment for healing and reflection. With the support of the EBGTZ core team, EBGTZ steering committee, and the Oakland Mayor’s office, the Poz+ group secured a space and developed a preliminary design for the future garden within The Gardens at Lake Merritt at 666 Bellevue Ave in Oakland.

Vision and Goals

The collective vision for the East Bay AIDS Memorial Garden is for it to be an ode to people living with HIV, in memoriam of those lost to the epidemic, and a space for intergenerational connection and dialogue about the legacy of the HIV and LGBTQ+ movements.

Poz+ goals for 2023 include meeting once a month to:

  • Lead the community engagement, fundraising, and design process for the East Bay AIDS Memorial Garden,
  • Create a community mural with Poz+ collaboration,
  • Advise other working groups, and
  • Observe HIV awareness dates, support digital media development and create or collaborate on other community events.

Interested in joining? Please email jayne@ebgtz.org