East Bay Getting to Zero

Viviendo sin Fronteras shares the lives of 5 Spanish speaking individuals and their lived experiences accessing HIV services in the East Bay. Led by Moisés Cruz Jáuregui, who leads Grupo de Charla, worked alongside Christian Aguirre to host a full day storytelling training with the 5 individuals. These interviews were filmed at Rainbow Community Center, located in Contra Costa county.

Produced by: East Bay Getting to Zero
Filmed & Edited by: Eclipse Productions
Based on the storytelling curriculum created by: Janelle Luster Vinson
Team: Moisés Cruz Jáuregui, ZJ Eskman, Yamini Oseguera-Bhatnagar
General Direction: Moisés Cruz Jáuregui
Interview and workshop facilitated by: Moisés Cruz Jáuregui & Christian Aguirre
– Jaime Morales
– Christina Zaldaña
– Katya Pamela
– Karen Bello
– Eduardo “Mapache”
Voiceover: Octavio Pulido Carrillo

Special appreciation to La Clinica (TRUCHA TEAM) and Rainbow Community Center

If you are interested in viewing the full film and individual stories, please feel free to reach out to moises@ebgtz.org. We will be hosting a premiere in the upcoming months where we will showcase the full film.