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Please find below a curated list of the best COVID-related resources and links we have collected since March 10, 2020. This list is updated weekly. The newest resources for the current week are posted on our COVID-19 updates page.

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More vaccine resources:

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County public health department vaccine updates:

COVID-19 vaccine data trackers:

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California State guidance:

Alameda County guidance:

Click here for all current approved businesses and activities.

Download links for Alameda County community or business guidance on: Face coverings, social bubbles, childcare and camps for all children,  graduations, vehicular gatherings, construction, curbside retail pickups, manufacturing and warehousing, personal services, youth extracurricular and general outdoor recreation activities.

Download links for Alameda County clinical guidance on: COVID-19 testing, antigen testing, isolation orders in 7 languages for all people getting tested, reporting COVID-19 cases, Project Roomkey isolation housing, home health agencies, remdesivir allocations, routine vaccines , reporting pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, resumption of non-urgent medical services, testing in Skilled Nursing Facilities and COVID-19 vaccinations.

If your organization is in Alameda County and needs COVID-related supplies or staffing, please go to the Emergency Medical Services website to request testing supplies, antigen test kits and/or PPE, and request staffing.

Resources for people living with HIV and HIV advocates:


Mental health support lines and groups

Harm reduction during the COVID outbreak

Benefits and insurance

HIV provider clinical resources

Training and learning resources

Housing resources

ADAP, HRSA grants, telehealth and other billing resources

PPE resources

COVID testing

Public Charge and immigrant rights during the COVID outbreak:

National and International HIV COVID updates, resources and links:

Bay Area and CA COVID-19 resources:

Bay Area Public Health COVID websites:

State, national and global COVID-19 updates:

Other COVID resources for vulnerable populations

COVID-19 research studies open to Bay Area community members

  • HIV-COVID Reporting Database: Coronavirus Under Research Exclusion (CURE HIV-COVID) is an adult database to monitor and report on outcomes of COVID-19 occurring in HIV patients. We encourage HIV clinicians in the United States to report ALL cases of COVID-19 in their HIV patients, regardless of severity (including asymptomatic patients detected through public health screening).  Reporting a case to this CURE HIV-COVID database should take approximately 5 minutes.  Please report only confirmed COVID-19 cases, and report after a minimum of 7 days and sufficient time has passed to observe the disease course through resolution of acute illness or death. With the collaboration of our entire HIV community, we will rapidly be able to define the impact of COVID-19 on patients with HIV and how factors such as age, CD4 count, comorbidities, and treatments impact COVID outcomes. To report a case of coronavirus, click here. If you have any questions, please reach out via our Contact Page.
  • COVID-19 Citizen Science Study: UCSF researchers has a world-wide study to track COVID-19 symptoms, infections, risk factors and behaviors that might impact spread.  The study, called the COVID-19 Citizen Science Study, uses daily surveys to track risk factors, symptoms, exposures and COVID-19 diagnoses as well as geolocation to understand the impact of people’s movement on the containment of the disease.  To participate or to refer others to participate, go to https://covid19.eurekaplatform.org. You may also text “COVID” to 41411 for more information.
  • COVID-19 Pregnancy Registry:  A National Priority: PRIORITY(Pregnancy CoRonavIrus Outcomes RegIsTrY) is a UCSF and UCLA led nationwide registry for pregnant and postpartum women with suspected or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.  The goal is to provide information that informs and improves patient care during this pandemic. To Refer a Patient:  Please ask the patient if she is willing to have her contact information shared with the research team. If yes, you can click here to Refer a Patient, or call/text 415-754-3749, or email at PRIORITYCOVID19@ucsf.edu. The patient can also contact the research team herself For Patients: Enroll in PRIORITY. The team will then reach out directly to her to consent, enroll, and begin data collection. For more information about the project or to donate to support the project, go to Crowdfunding to support PRIORITY.
  •   Click here for additional COVID-related studies at UCSF.