East Bay Getting to Zero

We held our annual World AIDS Day event on Thursday, November 30, 2023 at the Lake Merritt Sailboat House to celebrate our East Bay community. Our theme this year, Intergenerational Achievements: Honoring the harvest from the seeds that have been cultivated, brought over 110 in person participants and 15 viewers through Facebook live. 

East Bay Getting to Zero, along with our community partners, met over the past few months to build this event. As a planning committee, we wanted to honor the work that our community has accomplished and to highlight the youth who will cary our legacy forward. See below for a recording of the event, the 2023 awardees, and program.

‘East Bay World AIDS Day 2023 Intergenerational Achievements: Honoring the harvest from seeds that have been cultivated’ included:

  • An award ceremony honoring our esteemed colleagues (see below to view the recipients)
  • Hosted by Janelle Luster Vinson and Moises Cruz Jauregui
  • An update on our our strategic priority areas by Dr. Sami Lubega
  • A keynote address by Joe Hawkins, CEO of Oakland LGBTQ Community Center
  • A fireside chat by Nahid Ebrahimi with Joe Hawkins and Ann Guiam (RYSE Youth Center)
  • A spoken word performance by Dr. Demisha burns
  • A visual performance by C. Quinn
  • Song performances by Elise Bryan
  • A drum performance by Elena and Jessica
  • We provided Spanish interpretation through Linguaficient

Our East Bay HIV History

Thank you to all the agencies who submitted their HIV Timeline slide. Below, you can learn about the different agencies, when and why they were founded, a flagship program/project/historical moment for their organization, what they are currently working on, and a little bit about their teams. This slideshow played in the beginning of the event while people arrived at the venue.

2023 Award Recipients:

Loren Jones Memorial Award Recipient:
Dr. Ann Petru (She/Her),
Director, Pediatric HIV/AIDS Program,
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland
Joy Personified Award Recipient:
Kayla Moore (She/Her),
Wellness Services Coordinator,
Oakland LGBTQ Community Center
Audacity & Innovation Award Recipient:
Dereck Cooper Jr. (He/Him),
Housing Coordinator,
Empathy & Kindness Award Recipient:
Cinthya Mujica-Pinto (She/Her),
HIV Prevention Coordinator,
Highland Hospital
Rising Star Award Recipient:
Thea Echevarria (She/Her),
Disease Intervention Technician,
Contra Costa Health Services
Community Collaborator Award: Dona Rosa, owner of La Frontera
For continuing to provide a safe space for transgender Latinas for over 10+ years

Performances by:

C. Quinn
Elise Bryan
Dr. Demisha Burns
Jessica Maria Recinos
Elena de Troya

Facebook live recordings:

World AIDS Day 2023 is part of an Ending the HIV Epidemic project funded through the Alameda County Public Health Department Office of HIV Care