East Bay Getting to Zero
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On October 12, 2023, HIV care service providers from around Alameda county gathered in the Osher Room at the Ed Roberts Campus for East Bay Getting to Zero’s first in-person Regional Case Manager’s Meeting. The intention of these meetings is to serve as a place for those working directly with clients living with HIV to come together, network, get access to important updates and problem-solve the challenges they face in their work.

EBGTZ is so fotunute to have Kenny Hall back to provide his decades long expertise and help facilitate these meetings.

Judy Eliachar’s housing updates can be found below

Regional Case Manager’s Meeting October 2023

  • Participants were invited to divide up into small groups to discuss the following things and report back to the large group:
    • What brought you to this work? 
    • What is your understanding of your role:
      • Within your organization?
      • With your clients?
      • In HIV social services work in general?

Many people in the room reported that they were excited to meet others doing this work and learn more about agencies they may not have heard of before. The other main piece of advice was to take every opportunity to reach out to and learn from others in the field. This sentiment was echoed in almost every small group.

If you attended the meeting and haven’t filled out the follow-up evaluation form, please take a few minutes to do so now. Thank you, and we’ll see you in December for our next meeting!