East Bay Getting to Zero

We held our annual World AIDS Day event on Friday, December 2, 2022 to celebrate our East Bay community. Our virtual event, titled ‘We All Keep Us Safe‘ drew over 100 participants.

East Bay Getting to Zero, along with our community partners, met every week for the past few months to build this event. We created a program with art, performances, dance, poetry, awards, and updates on East Bay Getting to Zero’s five strategic priority areas. With built in sections of the program in Spanish, we offered English interpretation along with Spanish interpretation for monolingual speakers. See below for a recording of the event, a copy of the live art piece, awardees for this year, slides, and program.

East Bay World AIDS Day 2022: We All Keep Us Safe’ included:

Recording of the East Bay World AIDS Day event ‘We All Keep Us Safe’ with English interpretation audio

Remembrance art created live during the event by visual artist Vero D. Orozco.

The award categories and awardees:

  1. Loren Jones Memorial Award: Dr. Sophy Wong, East Bay Getting to Zero, HIV ACCESS, Bay Area AETC
  1. Empathy & Kindness: This individual consistency shows up with compassion – Lorena Martinez Hernandez, La Clinica
  1. Joy Personified: This individual is our go-to optimist, it is a joy to be around them – Manuela Loebig, Contra Costa Health Services
  1. Audacity & Innovation: This individual is unafraid to step out of the box to create solutions – Dr. Douglas White, Alameda Health System
  1. Resourcefulness: This individual relentlessly works to create opportunities for others – Shelley Stinson, UCSF Family Care Network
  1. Rising Star: This individual is new to the field but already making a major impact in the community – Brandon Ross, AHF Pharmacy

East Bay World AIDS Day 2022 Program