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Bridge Substance Use Clinic at Alameda Health System, Highland Hospital

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Bridge Substance Use Clinic at Alameda Health System, Highland Hospital
1411 E 31st St, OA-1, Oakland, CA 94602

Contact Information

Bridge Clinic Substance Use Navigator (SUN):
Call or Text: (510) 545-2765
Email: SUN@alamedahealthsystem.org
Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm
Same-day responses and services.
Telehealth and in-person visits available.


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We welcome:

Same-day services with Bridge Clinic via Substance Use Navigators are available to everyone, regardless of insurance status. English and Spanish-speaking staff are available, and interpreter services are available for other languages.

Same-day access and availability:

Same-day services available by telehealth and some in-person. Some intensive treatment services require insurance authorization, but people can receive other services while getting insurance eligibility in place.

Core services:

Recovery Services:
– One-on-one counseling
– Relapse Prevention Groups
– Drug & alcohol education

Substance use clinical services:
• Medications for addiction treatment with specialists, including treatment for opioids (pills, heroin, etc.), alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine. Example life-saving medications for addiction include buprenorphine (Suboxone), naloxone (Narcan), naltrexone (Vivitrol) and more.
• Telehealth and on-site services at the Bridge Clinic (located at Highland Hospital, OA-1), behavioral health services, and intensive outpatient treatment.
• Expert advice on any clinical issue relating to addiction.

Additional services on-site:

Special Services
– Parenting Classes
– Childcare Services
– Mental Health Services Referral
– Anger Management
– HIV Education and Resources
– Clean and Sober Outings

Case Management
– Develop a healthy lifestyle
– Develop new parenting techniques
– Locate housing or a live-in recovery program
– Find employment or get job training.

Download flyers:

Download flyers and brochures here: https://www.ebgtz.org/resource/bridge-clinic/

Please bring (required and recommended documents):

People will be seen regardless of insurance or documentation, but please share whatever insurance and ID is available to support the full scope of services.


Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

Highlighted Services

Substance use treatment, counseling and groups


Dr. Andrew Herring
Dr. Erik Anderson
Dr. Monish Ullal
Dr. David Tian
Dr. Nicola Longmuir

Languages Available

English and Espanol among staff, plus interpreter services for other languages

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Last updated March 2, 2023