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Somos Familia

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Somos Familia
PO Box 16058
Oakland CA 94610

Contact Information

Mándenos un correo electrónico: info@somosfamiliabay.org

Llámenos: 510-725-7764

For trans Latinx men looking for a support group in Spanish and sexual health education the best wat to contact us is by email: Alexander: Apoyofenix@somosfamiliabay.org

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We welcome:

LGBTQI+ Community Members and their families and allies

We specialized in Spanish speaking support

Same-day access and availability:
Core services:

Support groups

Undocumented folx

Education services

LGBTQ+ staff

Trans staff

Additional services on-site:
Additional services off-site:
Please bring (required and recommended documents):

Highlighted Services

Workshops, Support Groups, Family Acceptance Films & Videos, Education and Support Services for Schools and Community-Based Organizations

Languages Available

Spanish ang English

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Last updated December 27, 2022