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HEPPAC (HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County)

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HEPPAC (HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County)
5323 Foothill Blvd., Oakland, CA 94601
This is the location of HEPPAC’s Casa Segura Drop-in-Center

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We welcome:

This location also serves as HEPPACs administrative site. Casa Segura is a safe space where our community of active users can access basic needs services without a lengthy intake process.

We welcome ALL!

Same-day access and availability:

Medical Service at our Oakland sites Tuesday and Thursday

Core services:

Shower; Laundry; Food Pantry; Minor Crisis Intervention Counseling and Referrals; Community Outreach; Syringe Exchange (Needle Exchange) Program; Mobile Syringe Exchange; Syringe Dropbox; Overdose Prevention Education & Naloxone/Narcan Distribution (OPEND); Education & Prevention Services; HIV and Hepatitis C Counseling, Testing, Referrals (CTR)

Additional services on-site:
Additional services off-site:
Please bring (required and recommended documents):

No documentation needed


HIV/HCV Counseling, Testing, Referrals and Linkage services are available by appointment only Tuesdays – Fridays.

Drop In Center Hours: M:10am-1pm, T: 12-2pm, Thu: by appointment only, and Fri: 10am-2pm

Syringe Site Times & Locations:
Tuesday: E12th & 23rd Ave, Oakland (6pm-8pm)
Thursday: 100th Ave & Permian Street, Oakland (6pm-8pm)
Fridays: 2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland 10am-1pm

Highlighted Services

Syringe Exchange, Narcan, Fentanyl Test strips, HIV/HEP-C Testing, Case mangement, Linkage and Referrals

Languages Available


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