East Bay Getting to Zero

East Bay Community Law Center/ Health and Welfare Unit

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East Bay Community Law Center
2921 Adeline St.
Berkeley CA 94703

2001 Center Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

Contact Information

Milo Manopoulos Beitman – Interim Director- Health & Welfare Unit (510) 548-4040 Ext.331; medlegalreferral@ebclc.org

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We welcome:

Alameda County residents who are at risk of poor health outcomes due to poverty, unsafe living conditions, homelessness, inadequate health care coverage and other destabilizing social conditions.

Same-day access and availability:
Core services:
Additional services on-site:
Additional services off-site:
Please bring (required and recommended documents):

Current ID, Letter of diagnosis or HIV lab results, current address (if you have one), current insurance (if you have insurance) and proof of income (if you have income)


Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm

Highlighted Services

A number of legal services for folks living with HIV. Please contact to see if your legal matter is one we can assist with.

Languages Available

Can use language line for most languages

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Last updated March 28, 2024