East Bay Getting to Zero
Strategic Plan Update, 2023
VisionAn East Bay-specific campaign that includes multigenerational, multicultural and multilingual messaging that inspires hope and reaches all our communities.
Top priorities for 20231. Murals led by local artists in key communities.
2. Visual Storytelling Series chronicling and de-mystifying the experience of receiving HIV-related services in the East Bay.
3. East Bay AIDS Memorial Garden design and community collaboration.
Accomplishments in 2021 and 2022The Loteria.Love campaign was featured on 90 AC Transit buses across the East Bay in 2022, showcasing art from local artists in key communities.

In collaboration with SF Department of Public Health and the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Bay Area-wide Greater Than AIDS PrEP Campaign launched in 2022, with over 15.3 million digital impressions, 1.3 million video views and 133,000 clicks to local online informational resources.

Growing engagement on digital social media platforms and with key influencers and local partner organizations.

The East Bae Love campaign launched new community-facing web pages in 2021 on how to access free same-day HIV/STD testing, PrEP and treatment. 
Equity ActivitiesThe community messaging working group strives to:
– Place a greater focus on the experiences and stories of people impacted by HIV.
– Create messaging in Spanish from a Latinx cultural perspective (not translated). Same for other languages used in messaging campaigns.  
– Integrate PLWH leadership, diverse community voices, patient/client lived experiences to create messaging that reflects and reaches all key communities. 
– Strategically place messaging in public spaces, facilities, and social services agencies to reach those with limited technology and media access.
– Engage community gatekeepers, faith leaders, house ball community members, etc. by developing messaging materials and/or “care packages.”
Activities planned for 2023-2025Determining messages: Interweave HIV messaging with STD, mpox, and other intersectional topics.  Engage both youth and parents/guardians/adult family members using messaging to increase support for youth engagement and reduce stereotypes and stigma. 

Message dissemination: Engage local influencers including network members, PLWH, women, youth, political leaders, creatives, and sports influencers. Commission and curate art and music from the community, including Alameda, Contra Costa and Solano counties.  Identify and integrate messaging into existing popular media, such as Instagram and Facebook Live, YouTube, and Spanish-language media.

Creating a legacy: Engage all community stakeholders in the creation of the East Bay AIDS Memorial Garden to memorialize, educate, de-stigmatize, and heal across all communities.
Structural changeCultural shifts to normalize HIV testing, prevention, care and destigmatize HIV.
Metrics, evaluation and improvementsShort-term (annually): Track and increase engagement on digital media platforms.Track placement and community response to non-tech-based messaging campaigns in community spaces.Evaluate demographics of viewers when possible.Make adjustments to increase engagement in key communities.

Medium-term (2-5 years): Increase HIV testing, PrEP uptake, Viral Load Suppression rates among key populations. 

Long-term: Decrease new HIV diagnosis rates. 

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