East Bay Getting to Zero

Completed in summer 2022, the Love & Rage mural celebrates and honors queer Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) youth in Richmond, CA. The dashiki, huipil, pride heart, and sage, along with key historical figures holding protest signs, are all parts of the mural that celebrate the Richmond community’s intersectionality, strength, and resilience. 

“We love deeply and demand healthy, thriving lives for ourselves and our communities. Our Rage is rooted in Love.”

Love & Rage was gifted to Ryse Center by East Bay Getting to Zero (EBGTZ) and was built through a collaboration between EBGTZ, RYSE’s Alphabet group members, Lulu Fierro and Jason Madison, and local muralist and former RYSE staff, Agana Espinoza (DJ Agana). Click here to read more about the ideation process, the symbols in the mural, and the partnership that brought this mural into fruition. You can also listen to the “Love & Rage ” Intro audio to hear about the impact of Love & Rage through some of Ryse’s members’ perspective. 

We are excited to start planning two more murals to be homed in the East Bay. If you would like to be part of the process by joining our working groups, please reach out to zj@ebgtz.org.