East Bay Getting to Zero

Built by EBGTZ’s POZ+ working group, the phrases ‘Wellness is the Vibe’ and ‘Heal the Town’ were chosen to inspire our community to come together and to put our collective healing in the forefront. Working with the mural artist, Aeos (see bio below), our mural celebrates positive impacts the Black community has had on ending the HIV epidemic in the East Bay. We digitally unveiled the mural on July 21st, 2023 for Zero HIV Stigma Day across EBGTZ social media platforms. We are grateful for Braunz and his neighbor for allowing EBGTZ to add meaningful artwork to their neighborhood.

The mural is located on the corner of 57th Ave and Bancroft Ave in Oakland, CA.

This year’s theme for Zero HIV Stigma Day is Human First. This means that we see the person before the virus, that a person living with HIV is first a human being, who should be recognized and acknowledged, and whose human rights must be honored like everyone. Any discrimination against people living with HIV is a human right violation. HIV stigma is a global health challenge. HIV Stigma costs lives. HIV Stigma MUST END NOW. For more information about Zero HIV Stigma Day, visit www.zerohivstigmaday.org

About the Artist – Aeos One

Aeos One (pronounced A-Yos), is a calligrapher, sign painter and muralist born, raised and residing in Oakland, CA. Aeos has a background in style writing (graffiti) that spans over a decade with an affinity for clever wordplay and esoteric philosophy that is intertwined into his work. You can learn more about Aeos and his work through his instagram: aeosone

Words from Braunz Courtney: Executive Director of HEPPAC