East Bay Getting to Zero

On December 3, 2021 East Bay Getting to Zero, along with our partners hosted the (virtual) East Bay World AIDS Day 2021 event.

The event, titled ‘Roses in the Concrete: Together Breaking Through to End the Epidemic‘ drew over 120 participants.

The event included art, music, performances, poetry, awards and updates on five strategic priority areas. See below for a recording of the event, a copy of the live art piece & slides and a program.

Some components of the program included:

Recording of East Bay World AIDS Day event ‘Roses in the Concrete: Together Breaking through to End the Epidemic.’ 

Remembrance art created live during the event by visual artist Vero D. Orozco. 

The award categories and awardees:
1) Loren Jones Memorial Award
 Awardee: Diana Dupree, Oakland Transitional Grant Area Planning Council
2) Empathy & kindness: This individual consistently shows up with compassion.
 Awardee: Dr. Anthony Jones, Primary Care at Home

3) Resourcefulness: This individual relentlessly works to create opportunities for others.
Awardee: Marisol Reza-Ruiz, Adult Immunology Clinic, Highland Hospital

4) Self-Care as Community Care: This individual models what it means to care for self while caring for others.
Awardee: Christian Aguirre, Rainbow Community Center

5) Audacity & Innovation: This individual is unafraid to step out of the box to create solutions.

Awardee: Shirley Gainey, Cal-PEP

6) Joy personified: This individual is our go-to optimist, it is a joy to be around them.

Awardee: Vanessa Flores, Lifelong Ashby Health Center

East Bay World AIDS Day 2021 Program