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Women Organized to Respond to Life Threatening Diseases (WORLD)

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Women Organized to Respond to Life Threatening Diseases (WORLD)
389 30th Street, Oakland, CA 94609

Contact Information

Outreach and Linkage Team:
Lynette Moore, Outreach and Linkage Specialist
510.986.0340 x4055 lmoore@womenhiv.org

Peer Advocate Team:
Tinia Briggs, Peer Advocate Team Lead
510.986.0340 x4064 tbriggs@womenhiv.org

Access Information

Access during COVID outbreak:
-psychosocial support services available in person or virtually by appointment: 510.986.0340

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We welcome:

All women, girls, and families affected by HIV; WORLD provides free and essential care and support services.

Same-day access and availability:
Core services:

Comprehensive Wellness, Preventive & Primary Care; Early Intervention Services; Condom distribution; Psychosocial support groups; Support groups in Contra Costa county; Sista trainings in STI Prevention and condom negation; Food pantry; Partner notification support; Pharmacy Services referrals to AHF pharmacy; Health relationships training around disclosure; Individual peer counseling; Opioid educational program and case management (Keyways); PrEP Navigation; Transgender Services

Additional services on-site:
Additional services off-site:
Please bring (required and recommended documents):


Psychosocial support groups Wednesdays 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Transgender specific support group is 4th Saturday of the month

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Last updated July 12, 2021