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On May 2, 2024 East Bay Getting to Zero hosted its virutal quarterly HIV Care Continuum Meeting. The focus of this particular meeting was From Risk to Reason: Caring for Black Women Across the HIV Care Continuum.

The objecctives of the session were as follows:

  1. Summarize the current state of inequities for Black women in HIV care and prevention services
  2. Examine common assumptions made about Black women and HIV risk in healthcare settings 
  3. Identify 1-2 strategies to address the impact of healthcare team assumptions about Black women on HIV services at your organization.=

Dr. Ifeoma Udoh from the Black Women’s Health Imperative and Shawn Demmons from PAETC also held a facilitated conversation. Below are some resources from the Black Women’s Health Imperative.

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Seizing the Moment: Elevating Black Women in the HIV Response” Issue Brief, Dec 2023

A Call to Action: Policy Initiatives to End HIV Among Black Women – Black Women’s Health Imperative

Acknowledging President Biden’s commitment to women’s health, we extend our gratitude to him for spearheading the Women’s Health Research initiative, which marks a significant stride towards achieving equity and inclusivity in healthcare.

I am HIV Possible

You are HIV possible, which means anyone can acquire HIV. Remember the H, in HIV stands for human.

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