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October 20 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
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California Department of Public Health
Office of AIDS & Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Hep C
Stakeholder Engagement Conference Call

Thursday, October 20, 2022 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Purpose: Call between OA, STD/Hep C and Stakeholders to discuss questions and concerns from Stakeholders, to include PrEP programming and assistance, and to
share current activities at OA & STD/Hep C.

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Meeting ID: 878 2445 6774

Target participants:

  • CDPH/Office of AIDS & STD/Hep C leadership
  • Stakeholder Engagement Members

1. Welcome and Roll Call – Marisa Ramos
Please keep your phone on mute when you are not speaking.
2. OA & STD/Hep C Update on Follow-Up Items From 9-22-22 Call
3. Agenda Items Submitted By Stakeholders – Stakeholders
4. Division Update- Marisa Ramos, Phil Peters, Leroy Blea

  • Integration
  • Ending the Epidemics
  • Statewide Strategic Plan

5. STD/Hep C Update – Kathleen Jacobson, Jessica Frasure-Williams, Rachel McLean
6. ADAP Branch Update – Sharisse Kemp

  • ADAP Enrollment Worker Advisory Committee Update

7. ADAP Care Evaluation and Informatics Branch Update – Ann Nakamura

  • AFFEM – Ann Nakamura
  • ADAP Enrollment System Updates
  • CEM – Luna Woo
  • CQM- Christine Kibui

8. Prevention Branch Update – Jesse Peck, Alessandra Ross
9. Care Branch Update – Karl Halfman

10. Surveillance and Prevention Evaluation and Reporting Branch – Deanna Sykes

  • Surveillance Section (including MMP)
  • Prevention Evaluation and Monitoring Section (including NHBS)

11. Open Discussion and Questions
12. Next Call (November 17, 2022) and Close

10.20.22 OA Stakeholder Engagement Call External Agenda 
OA STDCB Updates_9.16.22 
9.15.22 OA Stakeholder Engagement Updates


October 20
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm


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